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ESD products and materials

Materials and products designed to lessen the impact of static electricity represent a relatively mature market, but one in which new opportunities are beginning to emerge. On the demand side, increased miniaturization of PCBs and hard drives coupled with ever smaller devices on computer chips will increase the threats of damage and costs caused by static electricity; we believe that this will provide the ESD products and coatings market with growth for years to come.

Antistatic concerns are also growing at both the manufacturing and packaging levels. At the same time, technological improvements in ESD coatings are to be expected, especially in the vibrant areas of nanomaterials and conductive polymers.

In this report, we identify and quantify the new opportunities in ESD products and materials that are emerging as a result of the increased antistatic concerns discussed above. This report is a follow-on report from the well-received industry analysis on antistatic coatings that NanoMarkets carried out for its conductive coatings market study published last year. In this report, we extend the coverage across the entire ESD/antistatic product and material value chain to include not just basic materials but also laminates, films and other materials, as well higher value products such as bags, garments and flooring.

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